Ahoy the Killer
Rotterdam, Holland - July 24, 2001 - CD-R3 - Aud 5

Disc 1:

  1. Don't Cry No Tears
  2. I've Been Waiting For You
  3. Love and Only Love
  4. Piece of Crap
  5. Going Home
  6. Hold You in My Arms
  7. From Hank to Hendrix
  8. Don't Let it Bring You Down
  9. Out on the Weekend
  10. Long May You Run
  11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  12. Standing in the Light of Love

Disc 2:

  1. Gateway of Love
  2. Hey Hey My My
  3. Sedan Delivery
  4. Like a Hurricaine
  5. Tonight's the Night
  6. Come On Baby Let's Go Down Town
  7. Rockin' in the Free World
  8. Powderfinger

Disc 3:

  1. Down By the River
  2. Roll Another Number (For the Road)
  3. Going Home
  4. Pocahontas (*)
  5. After the Goldrush (*)
  6. Opera Star (*)
  7. Cortex the Killer (*)

Comments: The final show of the 2001 Crazy Horse tour of Europe, over three hours in length. Plus (*) bonus tracks from the Rotterdam show on June 21, 2001. An incredible audience recording, in many ways better than a soundboard, because it's really like being there. This doesn't have the flat, muffled sound as most aud recs do, and sounds great cranked through big speakers (is there any other way to listen to the Horse?). An absolutely essential set to have. Recommended.