Pink Floyd - BBC Blues
Various - CD-R2

Comments: Neat compilation. The first disc is a BBC session done in 1971, and includes great songs like "One of These Days", and an odd blues tune. The scond disc is a bit of a Pink Floyd potpourri. it starts with a BBC session from 1970 and the band plays odd sings like "If" and "Green is the Color". Then comes the cool part - some really cool outtakes and demos. It starts with some outtakes from "The Wall" that can be heard on the Under Construction disc, but then includes some magical stuff like David Gilmour recording his demo to Comfortably Numb, and Roger Waters' original acoustic demo to Money. Then there is a great version of Pigs on the Wing with an added electric guitar solo not found on the Animals album. Then it gets weird again with remixes of Have a Cigar and Wish You Were Here - a bit reminiscent of TDF meets Pink Floyd. (Thanks Eric)