The Sights and Sounds of Syd barrett's Pink Floyd
Various - Invasion IU9423-1 - Quality: Varies, mostly SB

Track List:
1) Introduction by Paul McCartney (Granada TV, 18 January 1967)
2) Interstellar Overdrive (UFO-Club, London, 20 January 1967)
3) Interview with Syd Barrett and Roger Waters on Canadian Radio with an inreleased version of "Interstellar Overdrive" playing underneath February 1967)
4) Pow R Toc H Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 14 May 1967)
5) Introduction by "serious" musician, hans Keller (BBC-TV)
6) Astronomy Domine see Track 4
7) See Emily Play rough mix with the backing track (notably organ) mixed louder and the vocals too low
8) Flaming alternate mix)
9) Reaction in G (Carislile, 23 July 1867)
10) Scream Thy Last Scream (abandoned third single A-side, unreleased track)
11) Apples and Oranges (Stereo Mix)
12) Paintbox (stereo mix)
13) Jugband Blues (unreleased version with Syd barrett on lead vocals, December 1967)
14) Vegetable Man (last song Syd wrote for and recorded with Pink Floyd, December 1967)
15) Julia Dream (stereo mix)
16) Clowns and Jugglers (two takes not included on Syd Barrett boxset, first solo session, May 1968)

Tracks 17-21 BBC Session for "Sound of the Seventies", 24 February 1970
17) Terrapin
18) Gigolo Aunt
19) Baby Lemonade
20) The Effervescing Elephant
21) Two of a Kind

Tracks 22-24 Second BBC Session for "Sound of the Seventies", 16 February 1971
22) Dominos
23) Love Song
24) Baby Lemonade
25) Octopus (on June 1970 Syd Barrett made his one and only live appearance as a solo artist at the London Music and Art Extravaganza. Backed by bass and drums he played only 4 songs, theis being the only song on which his voice can be heard)