Pink Floyd - Earl's Court
London, England - August 5-9, 1980 - DVD-R1


The Good News: Pro shot video of one of the "The Wall" concerts held at London's "Earl's Court" arena on August 5-9, 1980.

The Bad News: Quality was absolutely atrocious on the master used to begin with but just to make matters worse the genius who authored this used the VideoCD resolution instead of DVD resolution so now the quality really sucks. As if that isn't bad enough, then they used an absolutely abysmal audio encoder that when combined with the crappy low grade mp3 audio bitrate gives that massively unpleasant "fingernails on chalkboard" upper end whine that just puts the frosting on this utter turd of a DVD. It's hard to believe (well, not really) that someone had so little to do that they felt compelled to waste part of their life putting this on disc in this type of quality. This is about as far as you can get from the quality standards used by the always impressive "Harvested" team that release some of the finest PF videos as a fan project. Don't waste your time acquiring a copy of this disc - leave it where it belongs, in the rubbish bin!