At the Steamboat 1874
Austin, Texas - April 1, 1980 - Magic Mushroom MMR-CD 9103 - SB 5

Track List:

  1. In the Open
  2. Evening Boogie
  3. I'll Drive In Your Town
  4. The Sky Is CRying
  5. I'm Leaving You
  6. All Your Love
  7. Tin Pan Alley
  8. Love Struck Baby
  9. Tell Me
  10. Little Wing
  11. Instrumental
  12. I'm Crying
  13. Texas Flood
  14. Treat You Right
  15. Hideaway

Comments: The most complete recording of the "Steamboat" titles available. Sourced from analog, some tape hiss is present. The official release obviously has better sound quality; still, this release is worth seeking out for the extra tracks not found on the official release. Only one track from the performance, "Shake For Me", is missing. Recommended.