Chicago Blues Fest
June 7, 1985 - Unbeleiveable Music - UM025 - sb 4

Track List:

  1. Scuttle Buttin'
  2. Say What?
  3. Ain't Gonna Give Up on Love
  4. Voodoo Chile
  5. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  6. Texas Flood
  7. Come On
  8. Testify
  9. Say What? (Saturday Night Live)
  10. Change It (Saturday Night Live)
  11. The Sky is Crying (B.B. King and Friends Special)

    Comments: Unknown exact dates or venues for the bonus tracks - help please! This recording is a must for SRV fans. Guitar is mixed very "up front" and it sounds like the mic is jammed right in the speaker. The vocals are mixed a tad lower, but still excellent. Overall the performance is only a "C+", or slightly above average - keep in mind that this rating takes into account the fact that Stevie's "C+" is better than many performer's "A"!