Rough Edges
Studio and Live, 1979 - Totanka, CDPR019 - Quality varies

Track List:

  1. Rude Mood
  2. Guitar Hurricaine
  3. Pride and Joy
  4. Texas Flood
  5. Tell Me
  6. Love Struck Baby
  7. You Can Have My Husband
  8. Ti Nan Ni Na Nu
  9. Maybe
  10. Sugar Coated Love
  11. Oh Yeah! Baby's Gone
  12. In the Open
  13. Last Night
  14. Hideaway
  15. Will My Man Be Home Tonight
  16. Hip Hip Baby
  17. Collins Shuffle
  18. Rough Edges
  19. Red, White, and Blue

Comments: Track information from Bob Willmott's site:

Tracks 1-12 may have been recorded at the Tempico Grande, Felton, CA, 1979
Tracks 13-17 are probably from the KFAT "Fat Fry", Gilroy, CA, 20aug79
Track 18 includes SRV w/W.C Clark on guitar and the Cobras. Originally
released as a Cobra's single on [Hole Records, HR-1520], 1979
Track 19 is taken from Stevie's early record with The Cast Of Thousands
entitled "A New Hi" [Tempo 2, T2-1], from 1971.
Sound quality on tracks 1-12 is good but has a pronounced wow effect on
some tracks. Tracks 13-17 are excellent quality, as is the Cobra's
track. The track from 1971 has been recorded from a somewhat scratchy
record but is still very listenable.