SRV - DVD Compilation #2
Various - DVD-R1

Geetarz Comments: The good news - like the other DVD Compilation listed on the site, this disc contains a lot of nice clips in good to excellent quality. These include Stevie's performance on the "Night Music" TV show (with the incredibly underrated Hiram Bullock), on "Late Night With David Letterman" (the World's Most Incredibly Overrated Band), the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and others. Now for the bad news - like the other compilation, the material is simply tossed on a disc via standalone in a fairly haphazard manner with no real structure or design. Sometimes, ya gotta wonder if the folks who put together stuff this way live their entire lives with this degree of randomness and lack of order - and the answer is, "probably so". Nice source material, but it would be improved tenfold if some effort had been put forth to organize it in a more coherent manner with a nice authoring job. C+

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