The Rolling Stones - Get Your Leeds Lungs Out
Leeds University, England - March 13, 1971 - Swinging Pig - TSP-CD-030 - sb5

Track List:
1) Dead Flowers
2) Stray Cat Blues
3) Love In Vain
4) Midnight Rambler
5) Bitch
6) Introduction
7) Honky Tonk Women
8) Satisfaction
9) Little Queenie
10) Brown Sugar
11) Street Fighting Man
12) Let it Rock

Geetarz Comments: Incredible show, great performances all around. "Midnight Rambler" is superb.

Visitor Comments: "I've always wondered where the front end of this great live BBC broadcast went to. Obviously the didn't open the show with Dead Flowers. So where is Jumpin' Jack Flash and Carol? Or was the second song Roll over Beethoven as it was on the previous year's tour of Europe? Great Stones show that so far only Let it Rock has been officially released, on the Brown sugar EP, the spanish version of Sticky Fingers and the Rareties CD put out at Starbucks. Mick Taylor blazes on this one." - Anon