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The Rolling Stones - The Hampton Coliseum

Hampton, Va. - December 18, 1981 - Jointrip - JTDV-SP-001/2 - DVD-R2


Geetarz Comments:

Jointrip as usual steps up to the plate with impeccable quality, presenting the final show of the Stones' mammoth 1981 tour in its entirety, and in superb quality of course. This is the complete broadcast, complete with backstage footage and portions of George Thorogood's opening set, and presented in Dolby Surround.


The noteriety of this show is that when the band began the encore, "Satisfaction", thousands of balloons were released and a fan, taking advantage of the confusion, ran past security and onto the stage, directly at Keith Richards, who proved that they don't call guitars "Axes" for nothing! The best part is that Keith nails the guy with a Telecaster, then puts it back on and keeps playing!

Click Here to watch Keith in action! 2.7 MB MPEG.


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