Hyde Park 1969
London, England - July 5, 1969 - Vulture CD 003 - Aud 3

Disc 1:

  1. Eulogy for Brian Jones
  2. I'm Yours, She's Mine
  3. Jumpin Jack Flash
  4. No Expectations
  5. Mercy, Mercy
  6. Stray Cat Blues
  7. I'm Free
  8. Down Home Girl
  9. Love in Vain

Disc 2:

  1. Loving Cup
  2. Midnight Rambler
  3. Satisfaction
  4. Honky Tonk Woman
  5. Street Fighting Man
  6. Sympathy for the Devil

Geetarz Comments: This is the complete concert.

Visitor Comments: "the original sound was terrible but recent clips on utube etc sound much better i think the film sound has been redubbed as it's not as i remember it. most of the numbers performed were hardly recognisible back in summer '69. The trouble it's difficult to know what is real and what isn't. For example the Stones appeared on Sunday Night at the London Paladium in early 1967. They did 5 numbers incliding Ruby Tuesday & Let's spend the night together. I thought that they had a really tight sound but in a Bill Wyman biography of the Stones he claims that the sound was pre-recorded,how disappointing! - Anon