The Rolling Stones - In the Eighties
1980s studio outtakes - Invasion Unlimited - IU9538-1

Track List:
1) Start Me Up
2) Let Me Go
3) Hang Fire
4) Undercover of the Night
5) Still in Love
6) One Hit to the Body
7) You're Too Much
8) What Am I Going to Do With Your Love
9) Back to Zero
10) Winning Ugly
11) Going to Memphis
12) Mixed Emotions
13) A Rock and a Hard Place
14) Invitation

Note: From the liner notes: This CD covers the secret history of Rolling Stones studio-outtakes recorded in the 80s. Alternate, early versions of Stones hits like Start Me Up and Undercover of the Night can be found alongside unreleased gems from the "Dirty Work" LP sessions in 1985.