The Rolling Stones - Itchy Fingers
Studio Outtakes 1969-70 - Invasion Unlimited - IU9535-1 - sb6

Track List:

Tracks 1-3 are rough, early mixes with different Mick Jagger vocals/different guitar overdubs recorded at Olympic Studios, London, June 1969 for "Let it Bleed". Another Mix of Gimme Shelter can be found on the Beggars Banquet CD:

1) Gimme Shelter
2) Honky Tonk Woman
3) Country Honk

Tracks 4-7 are studio-outtakes from the "Let it Bleed" LP-sessions, recorded at Elektra studios, Los Angeles, October 1969:

4) I'm Going Down
5) I Don't Know Why
6) Jiving Sister Fanny
7) I Don't Know the Reason Why

Tracks 8 and 9 are alternate versions, recorded for "Sticky Fingers", Muscle Shoals Studios, Alabama, December 1969:

8) You Gotta Move
9) I Got the Blues

Tracks 10-12: With these three different versions of Wild Horses we track down the evolution of this beautiful song, as recorded on the same sessions as above. The first version is a rough instrumental guitar-jam alongside the song's chords by Keith and Mick Taylor. The second version is nearly finished, it's the basic track with two acoustic guitars, drums, bass and vocal. Version three is basically the same as version two but with a never-sed pedal steel guitar overdub played by the late great Gram Parsons:

10) Wild Horses
11) Wild Horses
12) Wild Horses

Track 13 is the original version of Brown Sugar recorded on Keith Richards' 26th birthday at Muscle Shoals Studios, Alabama on 18 December 1969. Eric Clapton plays the lead guitar. Versions 2 and 3 are early rough mixes with different Mick Jagger vocal and different or no lead-guitar overdubs by Mick Taylor. Yet another rough mix of that song can be found on the Beggars Banquet CD:

13) Brown Sugar
14) Brown Sugar
15) Brown Sugar

Despite being released only as late as 1972 on the "Exile on Main Street" album, this song dates back to the December 1969 recording-sessions at Muscle Shoals. The first version is a rehearsal-take with very rhythmic acoustic-guitar playing by Keith. The second version is another rough mix:

16) All Down the Line
17) All Down the Line

According to legend the Rolling Stones owed their record company, Decca, one more song in order to fulfill their contract. Not willing to give away something really good they recorded this last song in May 1970 at Olympic Studios, London. The infamous Cocksucker Blues, also known as Schoolboy Blues is presented here in two versions. First the full electrric take with the band. Then the same song played and sung as a howling, lonseome blues with just the Glimmer Twins on acoustic guitar and vocal. It was the second version they handed over to their most beloved record-company:

18) Cocksucker Blues
19) Cocksucker Blues