The Rolling Stones - Live at the Max
1990 Tour - VCL 41048 - 85 minutes.

Comments: Live at the Max brings the 1991 IMAX film of one of the Stones' performances from the Steel Wheels tour to home video. The tour's over-the-top stage design, which included giant, inflatable ladies of the night for "Honky Tonk Women" and wild dogs for an energetic rendition of "Street Fighting Man," reflect the band's increasing focus on theatrical presentation in their later years, but blazing performances of "Paint It Black," "A Rock and a Hard Place," and "Start Me Up" prove that the Rolling Stones can still rock with the best of them. Though the video and audio quality do reveal their age a bit, most Rolling Stones fans will be pleased by Live at the Max's eclectic set list and impressive sets; sentimental fans will note that this was one of Bill Wyman's last performances with the band. At any rate, Live at the Max captures the intensity and theatricality that the Stones brought to the stage in the 1990s.