The Rolling Stones - Live at the '10' Spot
Recorded at the Capital Theater, Port Chester, NY on October 25, 1997 - 1st generation from satellite - 30 minutes

Note: Incredible performance and broadcast.

Reprinted from the "Sticky Fingers Journal":


By Fred Norris and Skippy
Posted to the Sticky Fingers Journal

This was one of the highlights of my life as a Stones fan, with Mick and Keith a mere 10 feet away, whipping the crowd into a frenzy while ripping through an awesome 11-song set. It is a real shame that MTV didn't air more than the five songs, but insiders tell me that was the Stones decision and not MTV's who would have loved to had aired an hour, if not the whole show.

Several people managed to get on the buses without being on any lists. Those few creative individuals eventually managed tickets and saw a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

Once on the buses, which picked up the lucky radio station contest winners at a secret, pre-determined location in Manhattan, the ecstatic fans were talking non-stop about what a night this was going to be, how many shows they have seen, how long they were fans etc.

When the buses arrived in the small village-town of Port Chester, New York, everyone broke out in cheer as the Capital Theater's Marque came into view with the words "Tonight...MTV Live at the 10 Spot with The Rolling Stones".

After an hour long ride the small group of lucky winners got handed a beautiful red ticket with a hologram strip down the left side. The ticket included the Live From The 10 Spot logo and a gray-scaled Bridges To Babylon tongue logo. The date of the concert on the ticket read Saturday, October 25th but the date on the tickets is Tuesday, October 14th! The Stones canceled the original date and was replaced by David Bowie. The Stones weren't able to be the band that debut the Live At The 10 Spot series due to sickness of Mick Jagger.

At the entrance, we gave up our tickets in exchange for wristbands and were told we could get the unripped tickets back as souvenirs upon exiting after the show.

Police barricade lined the streets as the local cops were prepared for a rowdy Stones-type show from the sixties!

Our heros seemed quite relaxed in the small 1,850 seat theatre which had plenty of available space.

The Stray Cat while waiting for the show to begin in his hour-long camped-out spot started scribbling on his note pad in very big letters "SFJ."

We laughed thinking of all of our fellow SFJers that would see this sign on the broadcast and have it taped for all time! Skippy took over the sign duty other duties. Skippy gabbed the pen and scribbled on the other side, "I LOVE YOU MISTY!"

The Rolling Stones opened the show and warmed up with a couple of classics; "Honky Tonk Women" and "Let's Spend The Night Together". There was a short break and then we were live on the air!

The broadcast included "Tumbling Dice", "Anybody Seen My Baby" (which after two nights of small venue performances, the band definitely does this one better at such places than on the big stage), "Sister Morphine", "Out of Control" and "Gimme Shelter".

"Sister Morphine" was at it's best only rivaled but it's Giants Stadium/New York City performance.

The show really started to rock after the cameras went off and Keith kicked the band into "Little Queenie", "Start Me Up" and "Jumping Jack Flash". The encore was "Brown Sugar".

The dream of being at a Rolling Stones club gig came true, thank God! It was amazing seeing them so close and working the crowd. Mick was having a blast as was Keith.

At one point, and you can see this in the broadcast, Ronnie takes a big sign this woman made and puts it in front of the drum riser. The sign had a replica of the tongue and said "Thanks for Coming Back for Us" and was signed by everyone on our bus and then some. Ron had particular fun with the interacting with the audience during the breaks.

Of course, as many of you have now seen, there was another sign in the that read SFJ and can be clearly seen several times during the broadcast. Watch for the sign near the end of "Tumbling Dice", again een My Baby" and "Gimme Shelter" (first chorus and at the end of the song).

Well, after the show, it was a very disorganized mob scene as fans tried to get there hands on these high-prized tickets. Luckily, the four SFJ'ers that we were with all got tickets. (Shoiley....two nights in a row...hope you got one, although you probably got the special green ticket from upstairs.....we snagged a few of them too!) The general admission tickets are a very cool collector's item.

Whew.....well that's about it for now.

The Stray Cat & Skippy