The Rolling Stones - Lonely at the Top
Various 1973-1979 - Swingin' Pig TSP-CD-199 - Studio Outtakes

Track List:

  1. Living is a Harder Love
  2. Drift Away
  3. Sweet Home Chicago
  4. Dancing Girls
  5. Munich Reggae
  6. Lonely at the Top
  7. Munich Hilton
  8. What's the Matter
  9. Gangster's Maul
  10. Hang Fire
  11. Claudine
  12. We Had it All
  13. Let's Go Steady

Visitor Comments: "Great album here. Just for Sweet Home Chicago, Claudine, We Had It All, and Lets Go Steady, this is a better collection than anything officially released post Tatoo You. This package is a gem." - Anon