Mad Shadows
Sessions 1964 - 1973 - Scorpio - SB 6

Track List:

  1. Hi Heel Sneakers
  2. Stewed and Keefed
  3. Tell Me Baby
  4. Meet Me In the Bottom
  5. Don't Lie to Me
  6. 1964 Blues Jam
  7. Looking Tired
  8. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby
  9. I Can See It
  10. Everybody Pays Their Dues
  11. Jumpin' Jack Flash
  12. Honky Tonk Woman
  13. Good Time Woman
  14. All Down the Line
  15. I Don't Know the Reason Why
  16. 32-20 Blues
  17. Dancing With Mr. Dee
  18. Criss Cross Man
  19. Silver Train

Comments: Good collection of rare outtakes, including some new tracks that had previously never surfaced in the trading community. More information:

SCORPIO OM 93-171-10 [SC91022] Chicago, IL 6/10-11/64, Chess Studios Hollywood, CA 8/4-12/66, RCA Studios London, UK 3/68, Olympic Studios London, UK 5/69, Olympic Studios Los Angeles, CA 11/69, Elektra Studios Nelcote, FR 10/17-31/70, Mobile Unit Dallas, TX 6/23/72, rehearsals Kingston, JAM 11-12/72, Dynamic Studios 8s - VAR Hi Healed Sneakers * Stewed and Keefed * Tell Me Baby * Down In The Bottom * [a.k.a. Meet Me In The Bottom] Don't Lie To Me 1964 Blues Jam [a.k.a. And Mr. Spector and Mr. Pitney Came Too: A similar instrumental track of what would become Andrews Blues] Heart of Stone ["Metamorphosis" version] Looking Tired [RCA Studios September, 1965. Note the instrumental similarity to Robert Johnson's 32-20 Blues that comes up later. This is the earliest Johnson influence I have been able to detect] Have You Seen Your Mother Baby ? [An alternate vocal take] I Can See It [The vocal version] Everybody Pays Their Dues [Street Fighting Man in drag] Jumpin' Jack Flash [Yeah, Yeah, version from the painted faces promo video] Honky Tonk Woman [A studio take that features the Paris stanza, which can be heard in concert on Ya Ya's] Good Time Woman [First version of Tumbling Dice] All Down The Line [The acoustic version. This is still incredible to hear] I Don't Know The Reason Why [Tracks in at 10:22. The stereo version from Electra Studios 1969] 32-20 Blues [Dallas Rehearsals - 6/72] Dancing With Mr. D [An alternate take that features a Taylor solo that was edited out of the album take. Reason enough to leave the band!] Criss Cross Man [a.k.a.: Save Me. This was previously noted as being from the "Goat's Head Soup" sessions. This was also featured in the Japanese animation film "Metamorphosis"] Silver Train [An alternate take that jams] * From Chess Studio's Chicago June, 1964. This was the first release to feature these tracks in excellent quality from a tape source (no crackles on Stewed and Keefed). The TSP label soon followed.