Mick Taylor - Leverkusen Jazzfest

Leverkusen - May 3, 1997 - CD-R1 - SB 6

Mick Taylor at Leverkusen Jazzfest 1997. A.K.A Leverkussen Blues Festival May 3, 1997

Some say when he played with the Rolling Stones that they produced their best music. Somewhat out of the limelight, the former Rolling Stones guitarist from the 70's
plays a terrific (albeit short- 41 minutes) set at the Jazz/Blues festival. Includes a great version of "Can't You hear me knocking" from his Rolling stones days (featured on "Sticky Fingers").

Sound quality excellent.

The band includes:
Mick Taylor	Vocals, Guitar
Robert Ahwai	Guitar
Michael Bailey	Bass Guitar
Hilary Briggs	Hammond Organ, Keyboards
Jeff Allen	Drums

Going South			16:39
I Wonder Why	 		 7:36
Can't You Hear Me Knocking	 6:56
Blind Willie McTell		10:27 (fades out)

Running time 41 min.

German TV Broadcast

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