The Rolling Stones - Olympic Recording Session
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London in June 1968 - Invasion Unlimited - IU9534-1 - sb6

Track List:
1) Jumping Jack Flash (version 1)
2) Jumping Jack Flash (version 2)
3) Did Everybody Pay Their Dues
4) You Got the Silver
5) Dear Doctor
6) No Expectations
7) Blood Red Wine
8) Family (version 1)
9) Family (version 2)
10) And I Was a Country Boy
11) Downtown Lucie
12) Still a Fool
13) Stuck Out All Alone
14) Sister Morphine (version 1)
15) Sister Morphine (version 2)
16) Memo From Turner (version 1)
17) Memo From Turner (version 2)
18) Highway Chile
19) Untitled Jam

Note: From the liner notes: On this CD you'll find collected together all unreleased material that was left over from the 'Beggar's Banquet' LP sessions in 1968. You'll discover lots of unheard-of songs/studio jams as well as early versions of Stones' Classics. For many of these sessions the Rolling Stones were joined by Nicky Hopkins on keyboards. But notice the absence of Brian Jones on many of these tracks due to drug problems (!?)