The Rolling Stones - Stripped Companion
Various 1993/94 - RSTS - SB 6

Track List:

  1. Honest I Do
  2. Let's Spend the Night Together
  3. No Expectations
  4. Beast of Burden
  5. Memory Motel
  6. Let it Bleed
  7. Tumblig Dice
  8. Gimme Shelter
  9. Live With Me
  10. Black Limousine
  11. All Down the Line
  12. Dead Flowers
  13. Shine a Light
  14. Sweet Virginia
  15. Rip This Joint
  16. The Storm
  17. So Young
  18. Jump On Top of Me
  19. I'm Gonna Drive

Comments: After the very fortunate discovery of five as yet unreleased March '95 Toshiba-session tracks, we are proud to offer you the perfect Stripped Companion collection for the first time ever on one single CD all available tracks not included on either the studio album Voodoo Lounge, nor on the live album Stripped. For your unrestrained listening pleasure, all the individual live tracks have been edited together to one uninterrupted live block.

Contains the new 4 Stripped outtakes, "Honest I Do" from the Hope Floats soundtrack and all live tracks from the Stripped CD singles and the TV special that are not on the album. Plus the 4 single B side tracks from Voodoo Lounge. (SK) An excellent, well produced recording - the best of the best. An incredible version of Gimme Shelter. Recommended.