The Who: Shea Stadium 1982
October 1982 - Silver Rarities - SIRA 69/70 - aud 4

Disc 1:
1) Subsititute
2) I Can't Explain
3) Dangerous
4) Sister Disco
5) The Quiet One
6) It's Hard
7) Eminence Front
8) Behind Blue Eyes
9) Baba O' Riley
10) I'm One / Punk and the Godfather
11) Drowned
12) Tattoo
13) Cry if You Want

Disc 2:
1) Who Are You
2) Pinball Wizard
3) See Me Feel Me
4) 5:15
5) Love Rein Over Me
6) Long Live Rock
7) W.G.F.A
8) Young Man Blues
9) Naked Eye
10) I Saw Her Standing There
11) Summertime Blues
12) Twist and Shout

Geetarz Notes:: a listenable, though not great, audience rec of the 1982 tour. Two shows at this venue in 1982, unknown which show is represented by this recording.
Visitor Comments: "I was at this show and I have this cd. This was 10/13 2nd night. It rained all night. The band make a few references to the weather from the stage. This was the better show (compare the setlist to the previous night.... I'm one, Punk, Saw her standing there, Tatoo!!!!! ) Pete's guitar work was inspired (5:15, Love reign... )tight show. the Videos currently on you tube are from 10-12. Absolutely the LOUDEST most crisp clear sounding concert I have ever been to. Bob Pridden is the best sound man in live music." - anon