The Who - Meadows Music Theatre

Hartford, Ct. - August 2, 1997 - Geetarz 253/254 - DVD-R2

Geetarz Comments:

This audience filmed video captures The Who on the Quadrophenia tour, and offers a complete performance of that opus as well as a collection of assorted Who songs. Roger Daltrey was having trouble with his voice at this show, and when the band came out for the encores Roger was absent, Pete explaining that Roger was upset with his voice and had decided not to come back out. Fortunately, as Pete began the first encore, Roger did appear on stage, apparently having reconsidered, and did soldier on although his disappointment is visible. Filmed from the screens much of the time, the DVD is quite watchable, although the source used for authoring was fairly high generation (c. 4th gen) and suffers from the occasional wobble.