The Who - Detroit 2000
Palace of the Auburn Hills, Detroit - June 27, 2000 - Video CD - CD-R2

Comments: It's difficult to describe how incredible this show is. VideoCD sourced directly from a Super VHS master recording of the show - pro shot and perfect soundboard audio. It can't get any better!


The Who 27-jun-2000
The Palace Auburn Hills, MI

--- vcd 1/2 (73:24) ---

i can't explain
anyway anyhow anywhere
my wife
baba o'riley
the seeker
i don't even know myself
getting in tune
pinball wizard
the real me
magic bus
behind blue eyes

--- vcd 2/2 (63:44) ---

you better you bet
who are you
won't get fooled again
the kids are alright
let's see action
my generation

source=pro time=02:17 quality=10

note=with John Rabbit Bundrick (keyboards) & Zak Starkey (drums)
note=quality of the audio/video *and* performance are fantastic!
note=on 2xVCD (master > PC > VCD); Auburn Hills is a suburb of Detroit