The Who - Live Tommy at the Leeds
February 14, 1970 - Midas Touch 61500 - sb5

Track List:
1) Overture
2) It's a Boy
3) 1921
4) Amazing Journey
5) Sparks
6) The Hawker (Eyesight to the Blind)
7) Christmas
8) Acid Queen
9) Pinball Wizard
10) Do You Think It's Alright?
11) Fiddle About
12) Tommy Can You Hear Me? 13) There's a Doctor
14) Go to the Mirror
15) Miracle Cure
16) Sally Simpson
17) I'm Free
18) Tommy's Holiday Camp
19) We're Not Gonna Take It

Comments: The bad news is, this is not the complete show. The good news is, what's here, just the "Tommy" portion of the famous (some would say 'infamous') show released on "Live at Leeds", is in excellent quality, better than that found on the Midas Touch Live at Leeds Complete release. It's as near perfect as it can get, at least sound quality wise. Recommended.