Remembers the High Numbers
Various 1964 - 1968 - Head Records - Quality Varies

Track List:

  1. I'm the Face
  2. Zoot Suit
  3. Leaving Here
  4. Here 'Tis
  5. Dance to Keep From Crying
  6. You Really Got Me
  7. Young Man Blues
  8. Green Onions
  9. Improvisation
  10. Long Tall Shorty
  11. Pretty Thing
  12. Smokestack Lightning / Money
  13. Here 'Tis
  14. A Quick One While He's Away
  15. A Quick One While He's Away
  16. A Quick One While He's Away

Geetarz Comments: Tracks 1-4 recorded at Fontana Studios as the "High Numbers" in 1964. Tracks 5-13 recorded live at the "Marquee Club", London as the "High Numbers" in Autumn 1964. Tracks 14-16 are alternate takes from the film "Rock and Roll Circus" as "The Who", December 10, 1968.

Visitor Comments: "The track info for "Remembers The High Numbers" is incorrect. Track 4 Leaving Here is from the first Shel Talmy sessions, as The Who, recorded later in Feb/March `65. The info attributed for this track on the box set from where it was lifted here, was wrong. The live tracks are incorrect, too. They come from the Railway Hotel, Wealdstone, London 11th August 1964." - A. Nonny Moose