The Who - The Summit

Houston, Texas - November 20, 1975 - 4 Reel - DVD-DL-R1


Geetarz Comments:

Taken directly from the master tapes, this is the complete performance in top quality. Filmed with a single camera from upper stage left and with impeccable soundboard audio, this one is required viewing for any serious Who fan. Authored on one of the very first commercially available dual-layer bootleg DVDs, will full motion menus and chock full of tasty bonus features, the folks at 4-Reel get major bonus points for an impressive, well done product. Recommended.



Visitor Comments:

"This was the first show of the "Who '76" tour, and the very first event in Houston's Summit. The band was in great form. Tight and together. Sure, there were some opening night bumps, but overall, they sounded truly great. They opened the show with two Golden Oldies, Substitute, and I Can't Explain, their Kinks tribute, and went right into their current mega hit, SqueezeBox. The crowd was with them the entire night. After they closed with Baby O'Reilly, it seemed like it was 20 minutes before they came back onstage for their encores.

"I have this on a different label (with no 'Squeeze Box'). It's a terrific performance and very watchable quality with great sound. There is a second camera (shooting upwards from the front right) and some of the 'effects' make you laugh out loud! Keith's in fine form (and claims dredit for 'Tommy'!! Get this show - Get this DVD - you will not be disappointed!!"
- mvt910

"It was the first and last time I saw The Who, although I have seen several performances by a group touring under that name since. That mad man is no longer behind the drum kit, and that stoic fellow no longer singing falsetto and playing bass." - Anonymous

"I've just got this version and it's a great step up from the MP release. Really nice digi-pak and good menu. The show itself does feature a second camera (front centre/right) eventually, and the 'special effects' may well make you giggle, but the show's fantastic (brilliant sound) ... bonus features, too - great value all round - mvt910"

"I was at this concert. Second night the Summit was open,think Bob Hope opened the place. MAGNIFICENT NIGHT, every band member was a show unto themselves. Never forget Baba O'Reilly. GOOD LUCK KIDS EVER SEEING SOMETHING LIKE THIS! " - Rcrosby