Pete Townshend - Harborlights
Recorded in Boston, Mass. on August 14, 1998 - CD-R2 - aud 2

Disc 1:
1) On the Road Again
2) A Little is Enough
3) Drowned
4) Save it For Later
5) Sensation
6) Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
7) You Better You Bet
8) Diamond in the Rough
9) The Real Me

Disc 2:
1) I Am An Animal
2) Now and Then
3) Up the Country
4) North Country Girl
5) Let My Love Open The Door
6) The Kids Are Alright
7) Acid Queen
8) Won't Get Fooled Again
9) Magic Bus
10) See Me, Feel Me

Note: This might be a good show, it might not. Who knows? It's a horrible audience recording that sounds as if it were taped with the microphone in someone's shoe. I couldn't bear with it long enough to see what the music was like. Recommended only for masochists.