Eric Clapton - First Impression
Atlanta, Georgia - May 21, 2001 - EC Is Here - SB 6

Disc 1:

  1. Key to the Highway
  2. Reptile
  3. Tears in Heaven
  4. Change the World
  5. My Father's Eyes
  6. River of Tears
  7. Going Down Slow
  8. She's Gone
  9. It's Alright (with the Impressions)
  10. Finally Got Myself Together (with the Impressions)

Disc 2:

  1. Got You On My Mind (with the Impressions)
  2. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (with the Impressions)
  3. Travellin' Light (with the Impressions)
  4. Cocaine
  5. Wonderful Tonight
  6. Layla
  7. Sunshine of Your Love (incomplete)

Comments: Widely regarded as one of the better shows of the 2001 "Reptile" tour. Perfect "true" soundboard recording does not have any audience noise except for occasional bleed-through into the stage mics.