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Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood - "You're Old School ... and Engaged!"

East Rutherford, New Jersey - June 10, 2009 - Geetarz 210/211 - Aud

Disc 1:
  1. Had to Cry Today
  2. Low Down
  3. After Midnight
  4. Sleeping in the Ground
  5. Presence of the Lord
  6. Glad > Well Allright
  7. Tough Luck Blues
  8. Tell the Truth
  9. Pearly Queen
  10. No Face, No Name, No Number
Disc 2:
  1. Forever Man
  2. Georgia On My Mind
  3. Driftin'
  4. Nobody Knows You
  5. Layla
  6. Can't Find My Way Home
  7. Split Decision
  8. Little Wing
  9. Voodoo Chile
  10. Cocaine
  11. (encore break)
  12. Dear Mr. Fantasy

Geetarz Comments:

It was a great night in New Jersey as Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood performed the first show of their 2009 tour. The former Continental Airlines Arena (for you Devils fans) or the Meadowlands (for you Springsteen fans) was sold out but as always "Park Magic" came into play as we snagged front row seats in Section 110 at the 4th row line, the morning of the show. The band came onstage at 8:20 and promptly kicked into a tasty set of rock and blues that will be familiar to those at the Madison Square Garden shows last year, yet with some welcome changes. First off, speaking of "Changes", early into the set EC dedicated a slow blues to guitar legend Hubert Sumlin. Early in the show the sound was a bit muddy, with Eric's guitar a little low in the mix. A sit down set began with solo numbers from Winwood and Clapton, and then segued into the surprise of the evening, a duo acoustic rendition of "Layla" (yawn). Shortly the band launched into a fiery electric set that shook the arena to its rafters, with the high point for me being a blistering version of "Little Wing" which promptly segued into "Voodoo Chile". The set wrapped up with competing guitar solos from EC and Winwood on JJ Cale's "Cocaine", and after a short break we got a tasty "Dear Mr. Fantasy" as an encore.

Oh, and as an added bonus, the Almighty Geetarz proposed at the show, and the future Mrs. Geetarz (your own Miss 'NJPai') accepted! Dinner at the world's best pizza (John's Brick Oven, of course), a hot Clapton show, and an engagement ... a Park hat trick! The future Mrs. Geetarz also says that the Almighty should not refer to himself in the third person ;)

For those who would like more details, visit the Park blog:

Thanka to Kream and DANcer for the artwork!