Before We Became Famous
Brussels, Belgium, July 5, 1981 - X Rekords - SB 6

Track List:

  1. Once Upon a Time
  2. Skateaway
  3. News
  4. Private Investigations
  5. Angel of Mercy
  6. Tunnel of Love I
  7. Tummel of Love II
  8. Down to the Waterline
  9. Sultans of Swing (Cologne, Germany - February 17, 1979)
  10. Wild West End (Cologne, Germany - February 17, 1979)

Comments: The cover art suggests that this show was recorded "On the first european tour of '79", but the majority was taken from a radio broadcast recorded in Werchter, Brussels, Belgium on July 5, 1981. Sourced for CD release from LP from vinyl, has some crackles and pops. For better quality versions of this performance see News and Once Upon a Time.