The Concert for George COMPLETE
London, England - November 20, 2002 - 3BR 1102 - SB 6

Disc 1:

  1. Opening
  2. Eric Clapton's Welcome
  3. Ravi Shankar's Introduction
  4. Sarve Sham / Your Eyes
  5. The Inner Light
  6. Arpan
  7. Sit on My Face
  8. ..."a night of nights..."
  9. The Lumberjack Song
  10. I Want to Tell You
  11. If I Needed Someone
  12. Old Brown Shoe
  13. Give Me Love
  14. Beware of Darkness
  15. Here Comes the Sun
  16. That's the Way it Goes

Disc 2:

  1. Horse to The Water
  2. Taxman
  3. I Need You
  4. Handle With Care
  5. Isn't it a Pity
  6. Photograph
  7. Honey Don't
  8. For You Blue
  9. Something
  10. All Things Must Pass
  11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  12. My Sweet Lord
  13. Wah Wah
  14. I'll See You in My Dreams

Comments: Current status of the record labels. According to this past Sunday L.A. Times, 1999 U.S. Revenue by album sales: $40 billion. 2003 revenue: $28 billion. The official release of the "Concert For George" on CD proves that the enemy of the recording industry isn't tapers, traders, or file sharing networks - the enemy of the recording industry is stupidity. There is absolutely no reason for the official CD release to be incomplete. In a fair and just world, the people responsible would be lined up against a wall and shot - I'd settle for just a simple job termination with no severance package, but given the state of the music industry, it might be good to make an example!

Thankfully, the fine folks at 3BR have more than made up for the shortcomings of the official CD release with this COMPLETE version. One would hope that someday, the suits will catch on and get the hint. Of course, it must be noted that the "Concert for George Complete" isn't really complete, it's only as 'complete' as the DVD release, which isn't complete! So in the interest of Truth in Advertising, this would better be known as "The Almost Completely Complete More Complete Than the Official Release But Not All The Way Completely Complete, Concert For George". Monty Python would be proud...

Wanna know what it's missing? Well, here's a hint...