Eric Clapton - NEC Arena

Birmingham, England - May 11, 2006 - NTSC DVD-R1 - Aud 4

Set List:
  1. Pretending
  2. So Tired
  3. Got to Get Better in a Little While
  4. Lost and Found
  5. I Shot the Sheriff
  6. Let it Rain
  7. Back Home
  8. I Am Yours
  9. Nobody Knows You
  10. Milkcow's Calf Blues
  11. Running on Faith
  12. After Midnight
  13. Little Queen of Spades
  14. Everybody Ought to Make a Change
  15. Motherless Children
  16. Wonderful Tonight
  17. Layla
  18. Cocaine
  19. Crossroads
Disc Information:

Region: 1
TV System: NTSC
Type: Interlaced MPEG2
Bitrate: 9.500 Mbps
Framerate: 29.970 Hz
Resolution: 720x480
Aspect ratio: 4x3
Type: Dolby Digital (AC3)
Bitrate: 256 Kbps
Number of channels: 2
Sampling Frequency: 48khz
Sampling Bits: 16
Volume Boost: On
Quiet Mode: Off
LFE: Off
Prologic: Off
Dual Mode: Off

Geetarz Comments:

Audience shot DVD, filmed from far stage right. The DVD information shown (above) is a bit curious, as the bitrate seems to be fairly high (9.5 mbps) but the video picture doesn't appear to have as much clarity as that level would indicate. It's also a bit curious that this disc is in NTSC (North American) rather than PAL (European) format, which leads one to wonder if perhaps there is a cleaner copy in native PAL format. There are no menus or title screens on this DVD. Altogether, the show is well filmed and quite watchable, with very good audio as well - perhaps even better than that found on the audio recording of this performance. Worth viewing, if only to enjoy watching Steve Jordan take out whatever frustration he has on the drums! Recommended.