Eric Clapton - Nothing But the Blues
Fillmore, San Francisco - November 8 and 9, 1994 - Geetarz/Button - DVD-R - 1'46"

Geetarz Comments: Filmed by director Martin Scorcese, this documentary was broadcast once on PBS stations, but never officially released for reasons which remain unclear. A planned release on home video was slated for early summer 1995, and Warner/Reprise produced a limited number of advance copies to be used for promotion. The promotional copies have both a test pattern and the Warner/Reprise logo before the program material (see below), unlike the version shown on PBS. These promo copies also feature a blistering electric performance of "Driftin" not shown on the PBS release. DVD-R sourced directly from master promo copy. This, remastered version replaces the mono soundtrack of the promotional VHS with the pristine stereo audio mastered for radio broadcast. Audio remastering and sync by Button productions, new menus and authoring by Geetarz, and new title menu by the wonderful Joey Jay. Scrap your earlier versions, this one blows 'em all away! DVD-R1 with Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo audio.

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