Derek and the Dominos - Soul Mates
Curtis Nixon Hall, Tampa, Florida - December 1, 1970 - Mid Valley 25/26 - Aud 3

Disc 1:
1) Layla
2) Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?
3) Blues Power
4) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
5) Bottle of Red Wine
6) Got to Get Better in a Little While

Disc 2:
1) Key to the Highway
2) Let it Rain
3) Keep On Growing (Lyceum, October 11 1970)
4) Bell Bottom Blues (Lyceum, October 11 1970)
5) It's Too Late (Johnny Cash Show, November 5, 1970)
6) Got to Get Better in a Little While (same as above)
7) Matchbox (same as above)
8) Matchbox #2 (same as above)
9) Matchbox #3 (same as above)
10) Blues Power (same as above)

Note: This show is of historical importance, as it is apparently the only extant live performace with Duane Allman on guitar. better quality, and more complete than Live at Tampa.

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