Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pistoia Blues Festival
Pistoia, Italy - July 3, 1988 - DVD-R1 (NTSC)


  1. Instrumental
  2. Scuttle Buttin'
  3. Say What
  4. Lookin' Out th Window
  5. Look at Little Sister
  6. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  7. Pride and Joy
  8. Texas Flood
  9. Superstition
  10. Willie the Wimp
  11. Couldn't Stand the Weather


NTSC format DVD features an excellent (as always) pro-shot performance broadcast on Italian TV. This is the complete performance, sourced from several-generation VHS with some attendant tape hiss and several small audio dropouts. Also available on PAL Format DVD in perfect quality although slightly incomplete in that case. An Essential part of any SRV collection!